Why Offices Frequently Have Tiled Carpet

Why Offices Frequently Have Tiled Carpet

In many modern professional office spaces the carpet has a tile pattern. The tiles have an interesting appearance that adds to the interior decor. However, they also provide some useful features for the office environment as well.

Easy Replacement

One of the main reasons offices get tiled carpet is in case of stains. It’s easier to remove and replace one carpet square. The process is simple and there is no indication that the carpet needed any sort of maintenance. This isn’t the case with regular wall to wall carpet that gets done in one installation.

Office Furniture Placement

It’s easier to arrange office furniture with square tile carpet. The tiles are generally one size and can provide even measurements for the placement of furniture. This also provides symmetry to the office space which can be visually appealing.


Office carpet is generally made of synthetic material. This makes for easy maintenance since the carpet material doesn’t absorb much water and also dries fast. Synthetic carpet is resilient in the fact that it springs back under mechanical pressure and therefore doesn’t flatten. These features allow carpet to keep it’s nice appearance and shape.

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