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Weelko has awarded 12 projects since 2015, representing 9 Inaugural Grants, 1 Cultivation Grants & 2 Spark Grants.

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As a business owner, you probably ask yourself all the time, “How can I make my business more efficient?” In the 21st century we depend on technology to speed up our work, help us multitask, and allow us to access the information we need, when we need it. That’s why having the right tools are important. In today’s business world, you can’t afford to get behind or waste your time.

Our Advantages

Benefits Of Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning


Water Pressure

Clean Water Tank

Vacuum Air Flow

Portable Equipment

Model : Ninja classic 500

Water Pump: 500 PSI Adjustable Plunger Pump

Vacuum: Dual 3 Stage Vacuum Motors

Water Lift: 185″ of Water Lift

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Truck Mounted Equipment

Model : Sapphire Scientific 370SS

Water Pump: Up To 1500 PSI

Vacuum: Gardner Denver TriFlow® 406 tri-lobe blower

Water Lift: 204″ of Water Lift

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