Truck-Mount Steam Cleaning

Truckmount Advantage


Water Pressure

Clean Water Tank

Vacuum Air Flow

Reasons To Choose Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning
  • Temperature control up to 121° C
  • Deeper Cleaning
  • Faster Drying Time
Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning

The truck mounted carpet cleaning unit is the reason why Pressurized Hot Water Cleaning is commonly called Steam Cleaning. Only the truck mount is able to heat the water to more than 100° C.  To be this powerful it requires it own separate engine. To deliver the same heat an electrical heater would need to have 15’000 Watts of power. A typical clothing dryer uses 3000 Watts of electricity and a stove will use between 1000 to 3000 Watts.

When you choose to get your carpets cleaned with a Truck Mount you are getting a superior clean with superior quality. The results don’t compare to regular portable store bought steam cleaning machines.