Things You Should Know About Office Nylon Carpet

Things You Should Know About Office Nylon Carpet

In recent times may offices choose nylon carpets for their location. Nylon is a synthetic material that comes in a wide variety of designs and styles. It’s also popular to use nylon in a tiled carpet design for the office. Nylon has several benefits and disadvantages .

The Benefits of Nylon

Nylon carpet is resistant to mechanical stress caused by things such as foot traffic. It’s essentially waterproof and stain resistant with the right fluorochemical treatment. Nylon can be dyed in a variety of colours.

However, dark colours are preferred for office carpet since they hide dirt accumulation and don’t immediately draw attention to stains. Nylon is inexpensive and can keep maintenance costs low.

Disadvantages of Nylon

Without proper fluorochemical treatment nylon carpet is susceptible to staining. This is why made office have tiled nylon carpets. If a square tile gets stained it can be easily replaced. However, nylon carpet is susceptible to fading from UV sunlight and gas fumes. This is usually seen near windows and vents.

Improper installation of under pads can hinder carpet cleaning processes. This can create problems due to water absorption and insufficient drying.  Some carpet under pad problems may require that the entire carpet is removed.

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