A Useful Guide To Entrance Mats At The Office

A Useful Guide To Entrance Mats At The Office

People under estimate the usefulness of entrance mats at the office. This features significantly helps keep the office clean and reduces the amount of dirt that needs to be cleaned. Entrance mats also stop salt, rain and snow from spreading throughout the building.  There are three main components to entrance mats.

The Walk On Mat

This is the first mat. It appears outside the entrance door to the office. People are supposed to wipe their feet a little here. This mat is the first to become saturated.

The Boot Scrape

Not all office have this. This component is a sieve like structure built in the floor. It takes in excess liquids from rain and snow. It is generally placed just after the walk on mat inside the office. It makes a huge difference for cleanliness if the boot scrap isn’t in place.

The Walk Off Mat

This mat is inside the office it comes after the two other components. It is the last item in place to keep the office clean. It gets saturated only in extreme weather conditions.

In Canada the entrance mats are generally long. This is necessary for extreme Canadian weather and lots of foot traffic.

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