How To Keep Your Work Desk Organized

How To Keep Your Work Desk Organized

We work hard. While you are working, a mess will creep up on your work desk. This can be everything from papers, coffee mugs, writing supplies and other food dishes. You can take the time to clean your desk but the mess will just creep up on you. Here are effective ways to help keep your desk clean.

Essentially about getting organized and changing some of your habits. You can keep up easy habits even during your busiest times at work. First start by cleaning your desk top. Have a garbage bin, recycling bin, inbox tray and out box tray handy. Throw away the garbage and then carefully sort through your papers.

Papers you don’t need should be recycled right away. Papers regarding tasks you need to complete should be placed in your inbox tray. All the papers your need to file or need to deliver should be in the outbox tray.

As for dishes, you should get in the habit of scanning your desk before going to the kitchen. This way you will remove your dirty dishes without cluttering your desk up. Dirty dishes at your desk can attract ants and mold if they are left for too long.

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