How To Declutter Your Desk

How To Declutter Your Desk

With a heavy work load it will be inevitable that your desk gets messy. Papers pile up or the work load gets too heavy to keep track of everything. Eventually you will need to declutter everything in a fast and efficient manner.

Before you begin desk clean up you need a few items. Have a recycling box, garbage bag, inbox tray and cleansing wipes handy. First sort through your items. Separate everything into piles such as papers, writing tools, miscellaneous and any dishes.

As you sort through out anything that is obviously garbage. Next go through your paper pile. Make a pile for filing, one for recent work and the rests for the paper waste. Put away these papers right away.

Next sort through your writing utensils. Test to see which pens till work. Throw out the ones that don’t write well or have dried up. Sort paper clips into their own small bin. The miscellaneous pile can have items you need to bring home or return. Sort them accordingly.

Once your entire desk is clean use the cleaning wipes. Clean your monitor, keyboard, mouse, entire desk surface and your desk chair. Empty your garbage and recycling bins.

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