When To Clean The Office Chairs

When To Clean The Office Chairs

Offices chairs get a lot of use. In a busy office it can be hard to figure out the right time to clean them. Nonetheless you need to clean the office chairs once a year. They gather dirt, dust and food that must be cleaned out. Dirty and worn office chairs make a office look unprofessional. Here are the best times to get the office chairs cleaned.

Winter Holidays

Many companies offer office chair cleaning during the winter. There are less people around and it makes it an ideal time to get the office chairs cleaned all at once


Often there are days when all the employees are away for training purposes. You can make use of the empty office by getting all the chairs cleaned during this time.

Summer Conferences

There are a lot of summer conferences that go on. During this time lots of employees are away. You can schedule office chair cleaning in different blocks. Chair cleaning will be done in different sets instead of all at once.

After Hours

You can schedule cleaning after hours. Cleaning gets done in the evening and the chairs will be dry for regular business hours.

Desk chairs need proper drying times so it’s essential that you schedule cleaning when employees are away. Your staff members can’t sit on wet chairs.

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