Office Cold and Flu Prevention

Office Cold and Flu Prevention

With cold and flu season upon us we want to avoid catching any virus. Nobody likes being sick and it can mean missing work and missing out on events and activities. Worse is the fact that you can end up getting your loved ones sick and other office coworkers. Here are simple and effective ways to avoid getting sick at the office.

Hand Washing

There are optimal times you should wash your hands. Primarily you should wash your hands once you arrive at the office. You’ve touches dozen of places that may contain flu and cold viruses. Such places include door handles, ATM buttons and elevator buttons. You should also wash your hands before eating food.

Disinfectant Wipes

You should have sanitation wipes handy at your desk. This way you can sanitize your keyboard, mouse and the arms on your desk chair. These wipes are also handy for cleaning hands when you can’t leave your desk. However this is no means a way of replacing hand washing.

Keeping Warm

Catching a chill can reduce your immune system and make you sick. This is why it is important to dress warmly while outside. Also keep a sweater handy for those times when the office feels cold.

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