Partition Cleaning -Cubicle Maintenance Essentials

Partition Cleaning -Cubicle Maintenance Essentials

Cubicles are an essential piece of the office. They have a variety of features including providing a sound barrier, providing some privacy for office work, providing space for a pin board and more. However, over time the cubicles and partitions can get dirty from different sources. They require professional cleaning to remove dirt, stains, and allergens.

Most people don’t realize that cubicles and office partitions are quite an expense. They are made to last and come with building in features. As a result, it is worth cleaning them rather than having to replace them. Professional partition cleaning can make this cleaning process easy.

Office partitions can only be deep cleaned using a professional steam cleaning. This process starts with spraying pressurized hot water and cleaning solution on to the partition wall. This lifts and loosens dirt from within the material. Next, the dirt and water are extracted using a powerful vacuum.

This last step is essential for speeding up the drying process. It leaves minimal moisture in the material so it can dry fast and efficiently. If the material is left wet for too long it can attract hazards such as mold. This makes it crucial for the cubicle walls to dry.

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