How Clean is the Office Meeting Room?

How Clean is the Office Meeting Room?

The office boardroom or meeting room is a crucial part of the office location. Aside from the reception, this area is seen by important guests and visitors when they come by for meetings. It is often used for office party gatherings and special events. Here are essential items that need to be kept clean.


Meeting rooms often have carpet to dampen noise and provide sound control. A large volume of foot traffic will shade and discolor the carpet in some areas. Coffee spills can cause stains and reduce the quality of the meeting room. Steam cleaning can give the meeting room carpet a deep clean.

Office Chairs

Fabric chairs are susceptible to discoloration from shading. As the chairs are used small layers of dirt are added into the material. The dirt will make the chairs look unsightly and give a bad impression to people using them. Again office chair steam cleaning can be used to get them looking their best.

Table Top

Most meeting room tables are made from wood that is often untreated. This means that the surface is susceptible to water stains. To protect the table from damages have coasters handy to prevent ring marks on the wood.

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