The Effectiveness of Cubicle Partition Cleaning

The Effectiveness of Cubicle Partition Cleaning

Cubicles are great for privacy and production in the work place. However, they acquire dirt and other particles over time and can decrease employee productivity. Here are a few reasons you should get cubicles and partitions cleaned professionally every 3-5 years.

Work Productivity

Dust walls and dirty walls can affect work productivity of employees. It can distract and ruin concentration. Uncleanliness can also affect work ethics and employee morale.


Many people are allergic to dust and mould. These particles seep into partitions and walls over time but can cause allergy symptoms. Mould can occur if there is a lot of contact with food and beverages.


Partitions can acquire smells from food dust and other sources. Getting the cubicle professionally cleaned will also remove unpleasant odors and other acquired smells.

Cutting Costs

Partitions can be costly to replace. You can maintain your investment by having them professionally cleaned. Expert cleaning will also extend the lifetime of the partitions by renewing the materials.

Post Construction Cleaning

If your office is being renovated there can be a lot of construction dust that gets into the office furniture. The partitions, in particular, are hard to clean with regular methods. To properly clean them they require professional pressurized hot water extraction.

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