How To Clean Office Shag Carpet

How To Clean Office Shag Carpet

If you have a home office, it’s nice having a shag carpet. Home offices for the most part offer a comfortable work environment since there are less rules for this location. You can work in your housecoat and slippers if you want. Homes offices can have shag carpet as a comfort feature. However, due to their long thick carpet material they can be hard to clean. Here are simple ways to clean office carpet.

Weekly Vacuuming

Vacuuming once a week is a great way to remove dust and dirt build up. This prevents irritations from allergies and keeps the carpet pile from becoming flattened.

Don’t Eat In The Office Study

Since you’re at home you have the choice of eating lunch in your dining room. It’s a bad idea to eat where you shag rug is. Food accidents are hard to clean and can attract pests such as moths and mould. Limit your food to drinks such as coffee when you’re doing paperwork.

Annual Carpet Cleaning

It’s important to clean shag carpet and all other carpets once a year with professional carpet cleaning. This is the only way to deep clean your carpet and extract any dirt that has settled.

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