Desk top Areas That are Often Missed While Cleaning

Desk top Areas That are Often Missed While Cleaning

Your computer desk is one of the busiest places. Not only do we do work here but we also do leisure and household tasks. This adds up to many hours spent at out computers. Since we spend a lot of time here the desk area does get dirty. Here are common areas that we forget to clean at our desks.


We stare at it every day but dirt can go unnoticed. Commonly there is dust build up. But there can be splash marks from other liquids and food. Use sanitation wipes to clean the general surface. Wipe the screen with dry paper towel to avoid dirty wet marks.

Desk Chair

We often forget about cleaning desk chairs. We sit on them every day and gradually cause a buildup of dirt. We can also spill food and beverages here. For most chairs you can use cleansing wipes to clean most dirt. Other chairs will need professional furniture cleaning to deep clean the material.

Desk Drawer Handles

We open desk drawers multiple times a day. These end up being a source for bacteria and other dirt. Thankfully these can be cleaned using cleansing wipes.

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