The Process of Enzyme Treatment For Carpets

The Process of Enzyme Treatment For Carpets

Enzyme treatment is an essential part of professional carpet cleaning. Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins that come in two types: anabolic enzymes and catalytic enzymes. These enzymes build up or break down natural organic matter. Catalytic enzymes are used to break down organic matter during carpet cleaning. Organic matter includes food, urines, fecal matter, body dander, pet dander, protein and other dirt from food and living organisms.

During the process of carpet cleaning, enzyme treatment is first sprayed on the carpet. This spray needs to soak into the carpet for a minimum of  15 minutes. Enzyme treatment needs to sit longer for more serious stains to allow the organic matter to break down.

After the pretreatment, the carpet is cleaned with pressurized hot water extraction or steam cleaning.  Essentially the carpet gets sprayed with cleaning solution and pressurized hot water. Next, the dirt and water are extracted from the carpet with a powerful vacuum. This allows the carpet material to dry fast and efficiently.

Enzyme treatment can also deodorize. Organic matter frequently has unpleasant smells that enzyme treatment can get rid of. Enzyme treatment is not limited to carpets and can be applied to clothing, upholstery, furniture, drapes, rugs, mattresses and more.

Vivid Cleaning offers enzyme treatment for our office carpet cleaning services. This ensures great cleaning results and an overall easier cleaning process. Our cleaning services are offered to Toronto, Vaughan, and the GTA. Make your life easier today by scheduling your next cleaning appointment with us.

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