The Importance of the Office Entrance Mat

The Importance of the Office Entrance Mat

Many people don’t know the importance of having a proper entrance mat in the office building. This mat has numerous benefits including safety-related features. The quality of the entrance mat determines the cleanliness of the rest of the building.

A poor quality entrance mat won’t protect the building against the elements. It will quickly become saturated with dirt, water, and other environmental dirt. Some poor quality entrance mats will trap minimal dirt and don’t do a proper job of keeping the office building clean.

A top quality entrance mat is often rubber backed and has an absorbent pile. This optimizes the amount of dirt, water, and other debris that is trapped in the rug material. As a result, the entrance mat keeps other hard floor areas from becoming a slipping hazard.

After a high amount of wet weather or snow, the entrance mat will become saturated. It will require professional rug cleaning to get it back to functioning order. Most entrance mats can be cleaned on the spot with professional steam cleaning equipment. Others that are a bit smaller can be sent to a professional rug cleaning facility to give them a deep cleaning.

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